Silk Road Fashion Show: Get together party

Silk Road Fashion Show

The Silk Road Fashion Show is following up the amazing success and wonderful feedback from its first show with a Get Together Party on 6 June at the prestigious Novikov Restaurant and Bar in Mayfair, London in partnership with Scuderia Ferrari Club London. 

The first Silk Road Fashion Show was held on 15 February 2018 in the Centenary Hall of Chelsea Football Club. It is expected that more shows will be held soon. 

The concept of the show is to unite people from different parts of the world in which have been culturally linked since ancient times, when the bazaars were filled with different languages and the precious gems and silk were carried from Asia to Europe, which the designers are now using in their works to inspire people today. The February show brought together more than 10 designers presenting their creations on a catwalk and in stalls to buyers, press, the public and more.

The Silk Road Fashion Show created an amazing media response, with appearances on TV and radio and print media. The Silk Road Fashion Show also created a huge buzz on social media – Instagram, Facebook and other forums. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with posts and photographs about the Show being shared by users from many countries. 

The Get Together Party is an opportunity to celebrate the success of the Show and to focus on future shows. Tickets for the Party were free, but have now all sold out. We are expecting a diverse international audience to come together for a summer evening of fun and fashion!

For further information contact:

Alma Farmer, CEO Silk Road Fashion Show or Olga Kokoeva, Executive Director:

Tel: 07984 747734; 07885278433

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