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At the time when the words "self-isolation" and "quarantine" are no longer surprising, digital technology is often the main link connecting us.

The role of the Internet is more important than ever - schoolchildren learn remotely, organizations partially switch to "remote", communication by phone or chat replaces live communication due to circumstances. Alexander Papkov, Director of Technology of the MEDIA DIRECTION GROUP expects 15-20% growth of the Internet in 2020.

As a result, we see that some industries and business lines are growing during the crisis and quarantine:

1) According to IDC - companies that provide tools for doing business online can win. For example, American videoconferencing service Zoom shows a strong growth in the number of users over the past month. IT giants Microsoft, Google, LogMeIn, Cisco and Zoom make software for remote work free (video conferencing services, corporate messengers, etc.).

2) Sales of remote workstation software companies - VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) are growing. Ilya Voronin, head of the Center for Computer Systems Design at Info Systems Jet, says that sales of this software have increased in Russia.

3) Companies and people started buying home office furniture on a massive scale. Home office is becoming more and more in demand.

4) Demand for a range of online shops and restaurants has increased, including the services of "Utkonos" and "SberMarket", "Yandex.Food" and "Yandex.Shop".

5) Residents of the cities have become more active in buying goods for home entertainment - sales of creative kits and books increased by 120% and board games - by 80%, said the press service of Ozon. The growth rate of online video market may increase by about 15% - this is in line with already existing forecasts of market growth by 35% for this year.

6) New services have appeared - services have launched contactless delivery. And the demand for courier services has increased several times.

Given these fast-growing segments, companies may try to organize their activities so that not only to minimize losses, but also, perhaps, to find a new niche. And digital technologies will help to realize these intentions.

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