10 tips on how to get rid of bad habits


The article uses recommendations of scientists and entrepreneurs: Dr. Katharine Brooks, Rick Myers, Ann Kaiser Stearns, Amy Hoover, Roxanne Peplow, as well as material from the articles by Jacquelyn Smith.

Everybody has his flaws and bad habits - someone likes to gossip, someone can not be punctual ... Yes, these are not the best features, but it does not mean that you are a bad person.

At the same time, if you consider you as an employee, small and seemingly harmless defects, may become a valid reason for firing.

What should you pay attention to? Let's look at the most common bad things that are harmful to the employee:

1. The delay of work

If you are one of those people who believe that things get better and faster at the last minute, then remember that this is not acceptable in the team.

By procrastinating and postponing something "for later", you can hurt your colleagues or damage the company.

When time is running out, everything must be done quickly. One thing you are accustomed to this pace of work, and another thing - people who should help you, say, to implement the project.

TIP: always make a schedule of work and strictly follow this schedule.

2. The habit of lying

The surest way to suddenly cut your career short is to lie, more or less distorting reality. Lying is like a slippery slope, at the end of which an accident is inevitable and it does not matter where or by whom you work. Yes, there are sensitive situations when you have to keep quiet about something, but in fact, lies and deceit end up doing nothing good.

TIP: Everything genius is simple. Don't lie.

3. Negativity

The management of any company is responsible for maintaining a positive atmosphere in the organization, at least as it should be.

Employees who are always dissatisfied and constantly complaining about something, represent a malignant tumor for the leadership because they spoil the working atmosphere with their negativity. Sooner or later, such employees are disposed of.

TIP: If something is wrong - come and explain the situation to your boss.

4. Systematically late

It's more than obvious here, let's leave the comments to your imagination.

TIP: Read our article Secrets of Personal Time Management!

5. Abuse of the Internet

If your work does not involve working closely with the WAN, think twice before using the computer for personal purposes. Many companies monitor the Internet activity of their employees, some limit access by limiting traffic, rightly believing that if you are constantly "drowning" in the Internet, you are not working efficiently.

TIP: If you can't manage this habit on your own, ask your system administrator to shut down access to everything except your work email.

6. Non-professional behavior

An uneasy look, running around, a weak handshake, constant avoidance of eye contact...

Sometimes it is enough to observe the manners and behavior of a person to make sure that at the current stage this employee is absolutely unpromising.

TIP: Control yourself, try to look confident but not insolent.

7. Negligence and disrespect

Every organization has its own rules, whether they are public or tacit. Lack of observation will cause you to stand out from the general team, i.e. there will be some inconsistency with the style of the organization. In addition, you should not use perfume with a pungent scent or bring smelly food to the office, where everyone is busy working. Nobody likes it.

TIP: Don't be selfish, instead learn courtesy and tact.

8. Unprofessional speech

When we hear the use of slang and inappropriate expressions that do not correspond to the etiquette in the speech of the interlocutor, we involuntarily get the impression that an uneducated person is standing before us. It is repulsive. Always remember that you are not in a circle of friends, but at work, where you - an employee, and therefore must follow the etiquette of speech.

TIP: Read books, the more the better.

9. Excitement

If you lose control over your emotions, you will not see in your face a person who is able to hold the load of work, able to take responsibility for the fulfilment of obligations. Nobody needs an employee like that.

TIP: Do not forget!

10. Lack of good manners

Since childhood we are taught to say "thank you" in response to the good, to say our name when meeting new people, to ask for forgiveness if someone was hurt. These are really important lessons. Don't ignore them.

TIP: Be a diplomat, at least treat others with respect for yourself.

This is by no means the whole list, but, as mentioned at the beginning, we have looked at the most common of all the negative behaviors of employees. We sincerely hope that you will find something useful for yourself from our article. There are no ideal people, it is important to see your fault, but even more important to be able to fix it.


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