Dmitry Leus made donations to Jewish Family Services

Dmitry Leus, CEO of Imperium InvestmentsDmitry Leus, CEO of Imperuim Investments company has donated to Jewish Family Service (JFS) by the situation surrounding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

The Jewish Family Service supports and strengthens lives throughout Greater Kansas City by providing essential human services to people who face difficulties in their daily lives or in times of crisis. 

A highly-skilled and compassionate staff are dedicated to preserving the well-being, comfort, and dignity of others and serves more than 7,000 people annually, over half of whom are not Jewish.

JFS provides a breadth of related services, with the goal of helping people in difficult times get back on their own feet. Service areas are: Food, Shelter and Employment; Older Adult Services; Mental Health Services; Family Life Education; and Chaplaincy.

In these difficult times, the pandemic has made vulnerable groups more in need of assistance than ever. 

Philanthropy in response to the pandemic is unparalleled in comparison with other disasters and it is critical to remember the impact that the coronavirus will have on non-profit organizations.

Don Goldman, CEO of JFS said: “Many people who work at low-income jobs, and who already been clients of our Food Pantries, have already lost their jobs. Older adults and others with health conditions are being advised to stay home, and will feel even more isolated. Many people who receive counseling from JFS are experiencing high level of stress. And many more people will be coming to JFS during this time, seeking our services in support of their families, loved ones, and themselves. We thank you so much for your partnership with JFS at this crucial time”. 

Recently in March the Imperium Investments has donated thousands of pounds to hospitals in England, which will provide the necessary support to protect nurses, doctors and other health care workers fighting the virus on the front line.

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