Coronavirus in the UK: Symptoms

On Monday, March 16, when the number of deaths from coronavirus in Britain reached 55, Boris Johnson said that in the fight against coronavirus, the nation is obliged to avoid all "unimportant travel and contacts" and move to complete isolation at home.

Shortly after the Prime Minister stepped up social distancing measures, leading experts warned that the outbreak could still cause 250,000 deaths in the UK.

The Prime Minister said that groups particularly vulnerable to Covidus-19 - people over 70 years of age and those who already have symptoms of the disease - would be asked to stay "for about 12 weeks".

He also called for home isolation, which means that people should isolate themselves within 14 days, if they live with someone who has any symptoms - high fever or a new cough.

The report of the Imperial College's response team, which advised ministers, said the government's plans could reduce peak demand for health care by two-thirds and reduce deaths by half. However, a pandemic could lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths, and the health system "is even more crowded than usual".

Also, the report says that the only "viable strategy" is the "suppression" of the virus, with social distancing of the entire population, home isolation of patients and quarantine of their family members - perhaps supplemented by the closure of schools and universities. And such measures should be maintained potentially for 18 months or more until the vaccine is available.


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