Coronavirus: industries that are hiring right now

Let's be honest: These are hard times. Coronavirus not only affects our physical and mental health, but the pandemic also leads to workplace chaos, with industries such as food and drink virtually collapsing. Small businesses are also bending under pressure, and more people are quitting every day.

Savoy Stewart, a commercial real estate agency, has analyzed 31,387 job vacancies published on the Indeed portal and told what industries are currently hiring.

Photo: If you have been fired and you are looking for a job, but your usual sector has dried up, it may be worth thinking about exploring new sectors.

First on the list is Customer Service, which currently has 5,252 jobs, including an opening from Boots, with salaries ranging from £20,000 to £23,600 per year.

Not surprisingly, the second place on the job list is occupied by a nurse with 4,639 opportunities.

For example, a nurse looking for an hourly job could apply for a nurse position at The London Clinic with an hourly salary of between £19.99 and £50.79. Doctors are also required and 780 vacancies have been advertised (although there is a feeling that demand is actually higher).

Have you always dreamed of working on transport? 2,838 companies are waiting for your application. According to the latest news from Amazon, the company is hiring 100,000 new employees for distribution, and the fact that most people are self-sufficient and order everything online is no surprise that there are 2,744 vacancies for warehouse assistants.

Other popular vacancies are janitors and delivery drivers. And for those who want to stay safe and comfortable at home, 62 vacancies for online tutors have been uploaded in the last three days. Many of the jobs advertised do not require a university degree or special qualifications, which means you can get them quickly, and then - as soon as the coronavirus crisis calms down - back to your old sector if you want.


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