Leonid Smekhov: How NOT to Start a Performance

Let us tell ourselves: most of us hear or even start with the words: "And today I will tell you about this and that".

Do you recognize yourself, your acquaintances, your colleagues? No, of course, there is nothing forbidden about this option. But the uniform has become too beaten up. Almost every speaker today says so. And we listen to the monotonous "Hello, my name is Ivan Ivanov, and now I'll tell you about the results of our work for the quarter".

I think this trend came to us from university professors who started their lectures with such words. But it was logical for them: you read a series of lectures, yesterday we talked about one thing, today - about another, we have to separate. But if we are not talking about a cycle or a sequence, then this phrase loses its original meaning.

! The easiest and quickest solution is to say "Let's talk about" by omitting "And today". For example, compare it:

1.  "Hello, I'm Ivan Ivanov. And today we will talk to you about intuition."

2. "Hello, I'm Ivan Ivanov. We'll talk about intuition."

It's easier and simpler at once.

Well, in general, there are many options for starting a speech. You can ask the audience a question, for example, rhetorical or on "Raise your hands, those who ...".

You can write something on the blackboard and start from what you've written.

But the classic technique is to start with a quote or aphorism. You can return to such a beginning at the end - you get a ring composition - a very elegant thing.

If you're going to give a short, vivid motivational speech - instead of a greeting, make a slight break of the pattern. It can be a sudden question, action, phrase - in general, everything that will be a surprise to the audience and for some time shock her.

Well, among other things, you can start your speech with a demonstration of an object or image, an appeal to the previous speaker and his words, an interesting story or a joke.

The main thing is that the beginning must be well thought out and justified. Then and listen to you from the first seconds carefully and with interest.


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